Jeffrey Tobar (12) stands with the Unity Week t-shirts. The design was made by him and other DIRHA members, and will be worn on Monday 通过 students and faculty involved in ASB, Kindness Club, 桥梁, and dirha.

Students in the dirha program are curating a week of activities highlighting how we are different, but how sensitivity to those differences can make SJHHS more unified.

dirha stands for Diversity Inclusion and Racial Healing Ambassadors and the event is called Unity Week.

“I had this vision for Unity Week for a very long time, and I have spent countless hours trying to make sure this project flows smoothly as possible,” said senior Jeffery Tobar, a member of dirha and one of the directors of this project. 

Tobar believes the most unique thing about Unity Week is how it brought people together to invest time in something he believes will be beneficial to the student body. 

“It started with an idea, to a group of students, to a club, to administration and staff, and now half of the school. Unity Week will bring light and hope to many folks. SJHHS will be a great representation of tackling challenges based on a false human hierarchy,” said Tobar.  

DIHRA has been meticulously planning the week over the past months. It is specifically designed to address SJHHS’ campus, which is unique in its blend of ethnicities, cultures, and sexual identities, as demonstrated 通过 a school survey dirha conducted last year.

“我们参加了我们从中了解不同的社会问题的月度研讨会。我们作为大使来创建一个项目任务的基础上,我们在我们的校园里收集了来自调查的数据。从数据可以看到我们是挑战所需,有待解决。规划和讨论后,周重,团结周的设计,说:” Tobar。 

随着善良合作dirha俱乐部, 桥梁,Latinx, chirla,古怪联盟俱乐部和ASB,使这个成功和校园范围内的事件。 

桥梁, a club sponsored 通过 OC Human Relations, will be launching their” If You Only Knew Me Campaign”, which will be featured in locker rooms all around the school. 

While this is the first time Unity Week is occuring at SJHHS, dirha member Uzziel Sanchez wants to make it an annual event.



- 塞尔纳

dirha不仅促成这一点,但艺术系也有。毫秒。阿尔曼,与她的学生的帮助是做建筑和更衣室突出校园的各种身份的另一个艺术画廊。此外,她还聘请毫秒的帮助。 Finman和佛明节的ELD班,和佩雷斯Sánchez和Villaba的西班牙语班讲西班牙语。 


Each day will feature a certain aspect of identity, and seminars will be held at lunch each day.For those that go to all four seminars, they will receive a certificate commending them for their dedication, and certifying them in their training. 

周一的重点是种族和民族关于, and features three different speakers. Among these speakers is Alex Serna.  Serna is the director of Breakthrough San Juan, a program that is designed to break the cycle of poverty through the power of education 通过 supporting first generation students at all academic levels. 

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“I went from elementary school through high school never thinking about my class, race or gender. It wasn’t until college that I began to see myself from the eyes of others and the world around me,” said Serna


Serna has an important message to tell, and hopes to impress this upon his audience, for it was something he did not realize the magnitude of until later.  

“我刚下车我的女朋友。我们是17刚开始约会的ADH。正如我在银拉开道奇公羊,黄金卡车行驶在街道的对面突然隔着中间来了,就在我面前停了下来。在蓝色牛仔裤一个男人和一个法兰绒衬衫走了出来,拔出枪。与此同时,一辆白色面包车停在我后面那是在马路的另一侧封锁我。另一名男子,到了我的窗口,并拍了拍它慢慢把我问的钥匙我的点火和开门。我立刻拔出。戴上手铐。我坐在路边,而货车他们搜查跑我的内径“OK,你可以自由地去,警察惊呼。 “等待,这是什么一回事呢?”我问。 “你匹配的我们一直在寻找的人的描述,”我回答。我在钻进卡车,开车走了,“塞尔纳说。 

Serna thought nothing of this occurrence, and simply wrote it off as a mistaken identity. While reading about the criminal justice system, race and racism at UC Berkeley, he finally realized what happened to him. 


Serna is hoping to falsify the normalcy that people place on predictive policing based on race. 


周二的重点是所有关于移民, 并有一个主讲人。罗伯特·埃雷拉,世卫组织与韧性奥兰治县工作会讲AOUT他对移民的观点。此外,chirla将赞助新的一天,一个信息亭设置。 chirla代表联盟人类移民权利在洛杉矶。  


If you’re interested in attending our events, it’ll show that you care about being kind to each other and that you want to make progress in making your school welcoming to students who may feel targeted or afraid of being who they are,”

- 桑切斯

周三是性别认同和性有关,并通过酷儿联盟俱乐部与MS赞助。严重的是,QA顾问,扬声器。认真刚刚完成她的LGBTQ +学生的帮助和干预的主人。她已经采取了很多的东西教师可以在课堂上每天都在做的兴趣更欢迎和对LGBTQ +学生适应,并增加非LGBTQ +生同情。  

周四将专注于宗教, and has a variety of different speakers with different ways of worship. Among these speakers is senior Lian Zhu, who is a Pure Land Buddhist. 


“Unity week exists to bring attention to the idea of diversity and other cultures and shine it in a positive way. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose to participate in unity week,” said Zhu.


Sanchez has invested a lot of time into this week, along with his peers and truly hopes SJHHS students gain an important lesson from it. 

“I’m the kind of guy who wants to see everyone smiling and be their best person, so being able to lead such a big event excites me because it tells you a lot about your character. If you’re interested in attending our events, it’ll show that you care about being kind to each other and that you want to make progress in making your school welcoming to students who may feel targeted or afraid of being who they are“桑切斯说。